Monday, March 29, 2010

Mantivity with My Son #2: Mowing the Lawn

Few things are manlier than laboring for the perfect lawn. Instead of peeing on trees, we men of the bourgeoisie fulfill the primal urge to mark our territory by showing off our landscaped quarter-acre of property in the suburbs. Mowing the lawn also incorporates other manly things, like engines, gasoline, sharp blades spinning at high speeds, and dirt. What's not to love about mowing the lawn?

My son and I will mow the lawn together. I'll teach him the tricks for getting a mower started, the techniques for achieving a nice checkered pattern in the lawn, and how to edge around trees, sprinklers, and curbs. We'll take pride in the lawn together, laugh at the neighbors' ugly yards, and sweat in the sun. If I can teach my son to love mowing the lawn, then I'll have succeeded in part of my fatherly duties.


  1. also, if you teach your son to mow the lawn, you will not have to do it yourself.

  2. I will let you both practice on our lawn any time you want to!! I can't wait to see that! Mom