Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eli's a little less boring

Hey internet!

What with studying for the bar, taking the bar, passing the bar, finding a job, working, and trying to be a good dad and father, I haven't had the energy or time to blog. Also, I haven't felt like there's much to write about because, let's be honest, babies younger than three months are kind of boring. They're nice, and all, but they don't do much besides sleep, eat, and make noise.

That's starting to change! Eli has found his hands, kind of. We can put toys in front of his face and he'll try to wrap his chubby little fingers around them and bring them to his mouth. The problem is his dexterity. He just kind of wraps his wrists around the toys and hugs them to his body. It's pretty funny to watch, actually. His arms are are really more like clubs with wrists than an arm with dexterous hands.

Clubs that are ALWAYS clammy. That poor kid got my circulation problems; his hands are always cold. Add a constant, thick sheen of saliva to those chilly stumps and you've got a pair of hands that kind of feel like dead fish.

Sorry, Eli. It's true. But I love you anyway, bud, clammy hands and all.

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  1. Glad to hear more of your thoughts on being a dad, Adam. That little guy is so darling. I miss him - clammy hands and all!