Friday, February 12, 2010

Mantivity with My Son #1: Watching Football

Since finding out that we’re having a boy, the only think I can think about is spending time with him, spending manly time with him. In that spirit, I’ve decided to start a series of posts titled “Mantivities with My Son.”

In no specific order, Mantivity #1 is watching football.

Men appreciate athleticism, and men love collisions. What’s the perfect combination of the two? Football, of course. Minus the really shiny pants and the gratuitous butt-slapping, football is really, really manly. Watching it, and making a fool of yourself while rooting for your team has defined manhood for generations.

I’m going to watch a lot of football with my son. I hope he learns to appreciate the nuances of the game, revels in the supreme athleticism of the competitors, cheers for the teams that I love (Go Utes!), and hates the teams that I hate (*cough* BYU *cough*). If my son learns to love watching football, then I’ll have succeed in part of my fatherly duties.

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