Friday, January 22, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Unless our little baby is shy, we’ll know the sex next Thursday at 2:00 pm. I can’t wait. People often ask what I would prefer, a boy or a girl. I have no idea.

Sometimes I prefer a little girl. The other day, Andrea and I saw the most adorable infant shirt; it said in big pink letters, “Heartbreaker.” Andrea has a pajama shirt that says the same thing. Since then, I cannot get the image of my baby girl and my wife each wearing their “heartbreaker” shirts while they pose for a picture. It would be my desktop background for life. My heart melts just thinking about it. I never thought I could be so smitten by the thought of really chubby thighs and a toothless grin!

But sometimes I want a little boy. I know boys. I grew up with them. I am one. We’re awesome. When I think about having a boy I think about the traditionally manly things we can do together: watch football, fix cars, build things with Legos, lift weights, play catch. Thinking about bonding with my little boy in that way makes me all warm inside.

My goal is to not prefer one or the other. I want to be equally thrilled by the news on Thursday. Wish us luck, and pray that little Merlin is feeling a little exhibitionist next week.

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