Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Heart

Andrea’s pregnancy came as a bit of surprise to us. Her body had been sending us mixed signals: no periods, but the home-pregnancy tests were negative. Relief flooded over us when the blood-work finally gave us a conclusive answer: PREGNANT!

I still had trouble believing, though. Weeks after the call from the lab, Andrea still didn’t feel pregnant. No nausea. No boob-tenderness, nothing. We had a routine ultrasound scheduled where we would finally get some answers. Was anything even in her uterus? If so, how far along was that thing?

We were the first ones in the OB’s office that morning. No waiting. We were quickly ushered to a waiting room with an enormous sonographic machine. My heart was pounding. I wanted to commit to this pregnancy. I wanted to tell myself that it was real, but I was hesitant to believe until I could see. We barely had a chance to sit before the ultrasound technician burst in and got to work.

Within seconds, I had my evidence. There on the monochromatic screen was a white, amorphous globule against a black background. Within that globule was a rhythmic flutter. ”You’re definitely pregnant,” the technician told Andrea, “About six weeks along.” ”And you see that flutter right there? That’s the heart.”

Come again?

Before I could gather my thoughts, the technician turned on the sound. Muffled, but steady “blips” filled the dark room. I was speechless. All I could do was smile. Andrea is definitely pregnant. I am definitely going to be a father.

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