Thursday, October 15, 2009

She's Pregnant!

Andrea and I have been thinking about having a baby since the spring. She went off her birth control in May, but has only had two periods since then. This has caused a lot of stress. Is she pregnant? Is she ovulating? What the heck is wrong with her body? She peed on a few at-home pregnancy tests, which were never positive. We were confused. Our theory was that her skinny little body was just too fragile for the three years of birth control she had taken, and was having a hard time deciding what was going on now that the foreign hormones weren't regulating things anymore.

But we wanted a more scientific diagnosis. So last week Andrea went to the OBGYN for a consultation and an ultrasound. The doctor also wanted a semen analysis. Awkward. I will only say that the process of "procuring" the sample involved (1) blushing, (2) a small room, (3) a leather recliner, and (4) a walkie-talkie. I'm not kidding about the walkie talkie. "Um . . . we're done now . . . over?"

We met with the doctor on Tuesday to discuss the results of the ultrasound and the semen analysis. Turns out, Andrea and I each have some minor physiological problems that might make it hard to get pregnant. We were disappointed, but the doctor assured us that there were many options to get the process moving. First, Andrea had to have a period. The doctor prescribed progesterone to kick start Andrea's internal motor and get the pipes flowing again.

Before taking the progesterone, though, Andrea had to get a blood pregnancy test. Drawing the blood, of course, was an ordeal, see here, but Andrea was a trooper. The lab called us yesterday morning with the results: "Don't take the progesterone. You're pregnant."

Huzzah! Turns out my swimmers are perfectly capable after all!

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